Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (June 11th 2018) clues of Family Times crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 66 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Vigor-ous word?
Ruler of Russia no more
(K) Morning grass moisture
(K) Prefix attached to "chute"
Cajun vegetable
(K) "Ginger" follower
Soon, in poems of old
(K) Leg or 6-Down
(K) Place of many states
Soup bean
Home of a biblical tower
(K) Hit the brakes on ice
Beam for rails (2 words)
(K) Speaker's stand
(K) Rowing implement
(K) "___, two, buckle my shoe"
(K) Burned bit
French police officer
(K) Eat like a rodent
(K) Reach a conclusion
(K) "Whoopee!"
Whine tearfully
Old intro to "long" or "now"
Depression between hills
(K) Created
(K) Untrue statement
Bedside water pitcher
(K) Egg on
(K) Young boy
(K) Thing out on a 15-Across
(K) The sun's setting?
(K) Rooster on a barn roof
Ornamental grating composition
(K) "Praying" insect
(K) Highway payment
Vail runner?
(K) Something up one's sleeve
Jewish religious leader
(K) Apply finger paint
(K) "What ___ can I do?"
Raised mark on the skin
(K) Buddy or chum
(K) Some tag players
(K) Mix in
Tough tissue in the body
Razor-sharp, as vision
(K) Camp bed
(K) Blu-___ disc
Roman robe
(K) Termite devourer
Suffix with "real"
(K) That girl
(K) Bighead's vanity problem
(K) Bear's lair
Hostile attitude
(K) Book with a plot
(K) Shout
Opera solo
Pay attention to
Lowly worker
(K) Nervous and antsy
Name in Virginia history
(K) Feeling of wonderment
Pastoral place