Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 10th 2018) clues of Irish Times Crosaire crossword.

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Any report of Oliver?
Atmosphere in part of the restaurant
Barman and tramp from Rush
Bossy type makes work for others
Captain loses head with swimmer who is likely to be cured
Caretakers with no career or piece of work
Claim to fame - possibly in arranging New Order, for starters, loudly initially, then softly
College in Sofia staggered by disaster
Comet seen in the sky once a year?
Curator has no car for the sightseeing
Don't lose old Penny on foot at the airport measuring the blow perhaps
Dust shower
Elegant type of wine conceals most of the chaos
Engineering a bizarre rise is getting less difficult
Just got nothing for The Confirmation
Man of the cloth produced bulb set - the hairy type that leaves a shadow
Minister gets a tip for lots of office work
Old man from Middle East gets hip replacement on schedule in Spain
One following the horses tends to carry others along for the ride
One Mass is on the cards locally or out of the question
Part of the service that has long been associated with The Cup
Swore badly, as it's not getting any better
Take off shrink-wrapped sides
This all depends on leaders in Europe - the immature frogs perhaps?
Took advantage of some gregarious educationalists
Trips trainer from 24 across at school
Turn off Austrian with huge amount of land in the east
Two types of ceremony curtailed for ball