Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 11th 2018) clues of Irish Times Crosaire crossword.

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One of those government types with small cool way of keeping the people under the thumb
Regret mixing up Munro
Had a stab at what happened in court
Power in the Middle East is a little fishy and has a reputation for devouring people
Associate left and the writer uses it to lose the head on drink
Earn a silly reputation for showing off fighting skills and blood sports
Shady type welcomes acclaim from department in east Asia
Mouthpiece is first American tenor that is charged for arrangement
Church contacts Valerie showing off one of the old order
Little swimmer who can't remember traditionally who is first in the chipper
They can generally fix it to pass one of the chromosomes from adult males
Sounds as if old car starts
Do it leaving infant prodigy sizzling in the kitchen
Breakdown of Asians travelling around central Ireland with foreign currency
That woman admits broadcast is boring and full of hot air
Mother Goose loses store? Get out of here!
In retrospect, small march is great for backing representations
Minister almost spies what could be a hearty dinner (8'1,3)
Transfer for end-of-year worker
It's useless describing Old Nick
Praise for a party reaching quota
Vital statistics for coach going around island from Limerick to Dublin
Locals look at George as well as Ward
Having the same opinion as top lawyer finding drugs hidden by wedding band
Behind supporter in part of the stadium in maroon
Record picked up from airport, for example, by fashionable homely type with connections to the Woods
Short journeys for most of the academic year for one of those not in the union
Brings The Dead to life for the latecomers who have something to say