Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 12th 2017) clues of Irish Times Crosaire crossword.

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Agent for runner?
Ask nerds - somehow this will never see the light of day?
Carmen Lane isn't in aeroplane
Attribute to embassy worker briefly
Characters in complex transformed by bonus
Caught with no trouble for takeaway and that's not likely to stop
Did a dance over Lawrence ringing reactionary Pope
Director's place perhaps is not fresh for those who are play-acting
Dock speech by Harry relates to contemporary influence
Go wild about former character of Biblical proportions making a comeback
Greek ferryman catches Jim sounding out younger woman's companion
Inherent for museum to find good books about centre of Vienna
Leave it on building as it gives it height
Leave quarters to most of the army in Waterford
Listener in northeast is right - it's more convenient
Looked for musical talent caught in outbuilding
Old money from Oriental country
Order pig produce for breakfast
Paper and magazine that is covering lead singer from The Lookalikes
Produced what the rebel wants from director
Raiders return local food from the foreign recipe to school
Schools for English and Italian leader houses a top Tory self-starter
Supernatural magical type of copper divides two members of the military shortly
There's agreement it's nervous yatter
Tramp Press produced In the Gymnasium
Traveller has golf on the brain and it's close to the bone for one who likes to cheat
Turns up, two coppers left sober
Work out going around set-piece battle