Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 13th 2017) clues of Irish Times Crosaire crossword.

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The plagiarising of novel taglines
Thirst for bottle of counterfeit champagne
Took one's time securing Oxford college place
Young bird with fine taste gets the picture
Archetypes dropping rate concerns Freud
Church in Italy has associations with old Trim motoring section
Hmmm ?I want a look
Babe leaves backbiters for the magician
Geriatric's study with links to writer and senior boss in the 90s
Has a job working in China producing drugs for temperature in hospital
Is put into car near Turkey with deadly cocktail
It's lazy to move furtively off the top
Kept heads of household out on the margins
Left organisation with church coffer - it will feed one who is hungry
Lover of the stories about Golden Fleece - English Derby winner
May isn't part of harmony and the dogs on the street will have heard that
Most people want to forget making this - director wants it to be remembered
Notes from the banks came out in the wash
Object to plainclothes policeman outside banks
One of the callers from university meets small African party for fourth time
Pay attention to slant from engineer on Playback - it's a play on words
Public nuisance rejects picnic - it's not fit for purpose
Quit local team before associate
Racism unit working in the beauty business
Scientist is away in rubbishy spot
Shame over patch in the garden because of the last damage
Stewed lemons? That's serious!
The estate of the man upstairs is as it was intended (3'1,4)