Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 14th 2017) clues of Irish Times Crosaire crossword.

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Set up to start trouble for a short war in North America
Small check-up concealed by Alex Ambrose
Snaky type gets to pull the plug on that lot from The Street
Sorry - one hug is sufficient
Sounds like I follow a pattern after the deadline in quarantine
This is in the public domain - understood?
Tried hotel with Bill from the bar - it's only half OK
Vegetarian staple found in potato furrow
Extract from the Eighth Amendment might have been commented on over the Christmas table
Angus leaves numbers game to associate
Bank's rate of exchange leads to resentment
Belts local small hairy types on the head
Cook let us in for something from the kitchen
Enjoy yourself playing a hot video game?
Had one's fill of characters in that event
In part, making a spectacle with empty talk
It's a yarn that local paper returns all the letters
Legal expert introduces paper on The Side of Socialism
Legend takes up post in old transport company
Limitless money for Cinders
Losing the head looking after The Animals and preparing for The Clash
Making faces in nice places to eat
Mixing first drink is sort of macho
Most of the heroic old city has a type of expertise
Not sorry for sanctuary with old royal birds
Offshore Mass covered up by Paisley
Old foreign capital gets English lawyer from Unionist Party?
One of the courses with sides of rocket salad
One of the swimmers around island is sent back to North African country
Open port to go with duck and magical recipes
Open the paper for Parisian friend with disturbing wavy movement
Open up to Bloom about Nora's last story from the start
Ordain a priest from Trim area
Peaceful oasis with good books near Russian capital
Produce of a lake or from a tree
Pulling a face off the top of one's head can be exposing
Pulp or Squeeze?
Pushes joints?