Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 21st 2017) clues of Irish Times Crosaire crossword.

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Don't leave yourself vulnerable to reserved, old opportunist failing to finish school
Every so often sides tied
Expand in summer with a fair amount of movement
Finishing touches when half asleep going over church sermon
Fuse for mains lead to cart is missing top
General employer on the edges of Argentinean economy
Glimpse reports of summons
Grab American from tough bar with heavy-handed approach
Had a look at what's concealed miles away
Ideal for those getting to grips with Moby Dick, for instance, or a slip of the tongue?
In a temper, quite a few lost head over curtailed quiz
Make a meal about a market strategy
Mitch won't go to work
Nerve centre takes in far too much from Bath
Odd entertainment on far side of prison yard
Oh, sounds like it's in the tent
One managed to get one to open Albari?o and new type of Shiraz
One of the signs and fragments of speleology
Opportunity for old party to revolt
Orchestra to open with church cover, for the most part, by one of The Hothouse Flowers
Put the phone down in psychological block
Same old story of maid left unmarried
Sinister part of vaudeville
Small measure for brother pilot to accept
Sounds like sheik ringleader is a snaky type
Sovereign's wife takes us back with officer to heart of explanation
Steal from money lending operation and admit you did it
Swimmers feel sick inside
Switches bank for second time for worker in Africa
Take heroin away from neighbour with virus
Testing time for Irish, in a manner of speaking
Turnover, initially made in type of bakery, is frozen
University president in Latin translation is concerned with Union
Write a novel at the table laying out what The Bar has to offer
Aim to get out of magician's shell
Celebrity extremes of Facetime
Climbed mountains with temperature - did you read that in a comic?
Cover torn apart by one of those lying down on the job?