Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 24th 2017) clues of Irish Times Crosaire crossword.

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Arcade to start playing Ludo for all to hear
Balls in Germany can change direction
Bikers starting chapter on far side of the country for leading criminals with records
Beat the living daylights out of Mark Sterling, symbolically speaking
Came up to look on the computer for hotshot director
Bill's impressions?
Discontinue to give out digestives
Dust shower
Encounters resistance to Sunni problem
Exaggerate flu spreading out of the blue, for instance
Firm writing a couple of times to papers has nothing to do with reading from passage
Foot the bill for nurse
Has no head for that racket in Clare
Helps traveller taking up exercise, embarrassed by being spoilt
I, for one, condemned street
It's compulsory for those visiting to hand around the drink
Little devil from The Bride of Frankenstein, for example
One of those at The Gate examination, for one
Ran into someone with friend by mistake
Rate leaderless band for peer group in a kangaroo court perhaps
Rather cute?
Rehearsed The Bounty play inside with director
Slips in playground
Sorted out changing press code
Sounds like something barman might ask regular?
Tells you if the doctor is sitting behind the desk
The corner boys presumably don't have their thinking caps on?
What those in the abbey are doing for the teachers and for those taking part in the future?