Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 26th 2017) clues of Irish Times Crosaire crossword.

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Soldier on the wagon is employed for the day out
Support travelling salesman off the top of one's head on the plane
The Stones on key coming out of The Cellar
Visitor for one of those using cell in America
Was out covering it in this place with tip-off, in a manner of speaking
What Chinese torture gives one keeps the travellers on their toes
Youth at Open University plays middle of The Joshua Tree
Breakdown of butcher's escallop
Charlie read report by old canon
Dumbstruck in 14 across opening introductions without sweetheart
Conceal outrageous victory inside private conference for fathers?
Chesty problem is grasped by one of those at death's door
Dart is thrown in sets of three
Easy-going, endless amusement for police department
Game time in Clare
Gillespie drops lisp in Belgium
Is this a focus for the criminologists in the recreation area in The Joy?
Lack of confidence in custody detectives taking the lead
Locals in a panic, as this might be something we've been swallowing for years
Man in the street polite to leaders? I'm afraid not!
Manage old musician on the radio
Most of the row with a couple of firms is concerned with fussy architectural style
One of the departments in station is full of losers? Stuff that!
Point from newspaperman is certainly a runner
Preparing to release app for a phone
Protection for characters in impoverished geopolitics
Reader's novel about Trump's leadership seized
Small retired person getting reward for knotting a rope in Dallas?