Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 27th 2017) clues of Irish Times Crosaire crossword.

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Reviews Indian music a couple of times, as it's a cultural phenomenon at The Strand
Sally's going after English trains
Scents from a place in Italy behind Apennines
Surrealist admits writing introduction to religious paper
Tender attachment to Buddy heading off
The Examiner gets the lowdown from Oxford on reading
Therefore, has to get rid of hot joint
A father lost home ultimately to a crabby sort!
Clean hands is a major talking point in court
A president dear to one's heart loses head with skinflint and that's only for starters
Bats away cunning plan as difficult to understand
Brier on a building has taken off
Broadcast piece comes as a blow and is hard hitting
College pool fails to open for a spell
Describes hope that snaky type is one that is well-grounded
Describes The Maze complex
Everyone gets to come off drugs briefly by right and it's what the patient is looking for from the doctor
First class dealer out of place in the doghouse
Get sick of fish that's raw in a wintery setting
Get up on one's high horse perhaps, as there's no hot spa in Southampton
Link to sick people on the Internet perhaps being carried out of the embassy
Man's suit designed by those shocking types overseas
Megalomaniac releases income from Iberian port
Member of old heretical sect finds time in charge is a relief
Part of overseas sum employed to take something on
Picks up readings of outlandish snores
Plain folk concealed squeamishness
Remove coat from small dandy hiding last letters