Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 3rd 2018) clues of Irish Times Crosaire crossword.

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Staff around popular boxer
Blooming Annabelle is hothead having bad day over stove
Spreading Maoism for the champagne socialists presumably
How Ibsen rewrote part of The Mountain Bird presumably
Sue's sin misconstrued around table - how fitting is that?
They ride away from what's coming after them presumably
Local fool with no dole arrangement
One of those onto the Letter's Editor is engineering panic
In favour of saying hello to section of bar
Opportunities for school keeps the wolves from the door
Produces unknown quantity from branches of knowledge needing no introduction
Time in Othello and on short series - the first going on the road
Fair rate for church that's hot at processing material?
Take another look about for note from Maxine Cook
Similar to 6 down consuming speed for a period concentrating on Dark Side of the Moon, for example
Wise foreign teacher starts with marmalade and homemade applesauce and Irish spreads
Wax lyrically to old judge
Capable of having no lies in editorials
Risks him playing with The Clash?
Is this a summation of Peck's weighty career or a cheeky message?
Take top off circuit breaker and take lots of notes or pay the price
Had a job in The Palace to fill in the lines on the paper ahead of drink
Payback for going over the speed limit - it's because of this you'll be back where you started
American rewrites anthem - it's a thing of loathing
Sounds like fowl, mallard, fish and swan maturing over time
Headwaiters disregard she wed a dishy type from India
Be faithful to as Bill is her sweetheart
Taps in a part of Asia