Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 5th 2018) clues of Irish Times Crosaire crossword.

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A Frenchman in cast is humiliated
Answer distress signal sheltering top dangerous in-house material
Celebrities have no beers to bring out
Chinese neighbour seen travelling around old Dublin
Cold fish? That's Bond!
Corporation in Mayo discovers mole on percentage
Detailed transport carrying additional stuff from the bar for sister's partner
Eliminate acidic finish from cheap local drink - it leads to a commotion
Heat anvil roughly for gatekeeper in hellish surroundings
Hotelier takes out the bay window
Influence of removing eclipses from special effects
Introduction to Heavy Metal that's fashionable
Join fool disappearing out of line
Member of guerrilla group caught NATO organisation seizing regiment
Most never turn-up in inflatable suit, mini or a little black number
People go to Slane to see it in various soils, etc.
Peter out with Eva and tenor in new opera
Provoking a serious confrontation by only slightly heating up catch - large eel without the head
Reading a novel that's going to waste
Ready to play two similar types
Shocking perils for those needing to get a grip
Soldier gets to plot out part of the text
Special bake includes port and Jamaican seasoning
Starting off, it's expensive for short aristocrat at the centre of American mobile accommodation
Still at a loss for words
Subservient type of foreign honour to pass on for good books
The sweet smell of French capital for artist getting public money
Turned off by department's initial amendment studies circulating Government