Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 6th 2018) clues of Irish Times Crosaire crossword.

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A good way for artist to get green light in confusion
Discover Montenegro extravagance is fish eggs
Silent treatment - the type that's all for show
A measure of one of those grounded types of sources coming off racecourses
What is missing from sweatshop company out west?
Doing well in Vegas to get the full Irish for breakfast takeaway
Once-in-a-lifetime trip to see Oasis requires a visit to 13 across
Arrive briefly at college in America and, almost by mistake, get off on the wrong foot
Small foxy type of gear is half rotten
Yeats mistaken for Baker?
Academic loses aid from holy city
Enthusiastic applause as zero tax is charged
Painter who had a rose period makes flower to hang over Ladies Club on ship
Sounds like advice to put that woman in the picture as the bank official
Fancy home in European country
Picture capital's falling internal labour market
Stems from investments by design
Give the thumbs up for the sides of Barbary duck
Agree to write at times with pen?
Pledges oneself to all sides today
Take issue with small operation on model
Brave native soldier returns with a fair amount of hope
Practical place to find last role model
Hold up steel reports
Tell the wrong story in case this will hospitalise agent retiring from panel
Calvin Klein insider to put pen to paper
Put away in the delicatessen
It's tense for the Greeks as Aristotle let go
The most important part of pro-forma invoice
Character on the periphery of Monaghan neighbourhood
Red herring - is that something the sommelier swallowed?
Makes it difficult to breathe, as Iran hit out
Tightrope walker goes from end-to-end in part of stadium
Composer gets revenue from clerical error perhaps at institute
Relative loses head with what's free
Metal in make-up leads to complaint
Unwanted messages not from the postman
Old party has bad habit of getting rid of leader in Government