Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 9th 2017) clues of Irish Times Crosaire crossword.

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A new bill in California produced on the margins of Washington
Bar takes in wasabi from central Spain with local nuts
Audacity of party after last game at yearend for Tyrone boss
All the letters of support
Austrian misses turn in the east
Banks to pay a price in March
Bird with the foreign address
College is nasty to staff - it drives one of those looking for a move
Conventional ATM remains working
Dark suit designed for dancers
Detectives find the key and bring it to an end
Determination for endless outdoor accommodation on area near Dublin, for instance
Eager to please both sides with peace
Gets hammered at lodge - it takes the edge off when working with the hands
Goes around frustrating committee for nothing
Hang on, this is fishy to one of those in hospital
It's hard to find introductions for Rock-and-Roll editions
Keeps body and soul together for one with a better life support system than others
Leaves a paper trail covering the match
Moody type in police department goes mental losing head with one of those with rap sheet perhaps
One could order this for a type of out-of-date vehicle inside
One of those possibly raising issues isn't close to the sea in France
Picky, random type is fortunate to take the plunge
Rob Cook and Kenneth Shatter in the past
Serves drink to about fifty from cask
They are capable of wiping the floor with those who know how much DIRT needs to be collected
Throwaway remark from a Lucas production
Type of stress, in a manner of speaking