Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 9th 2018) clues of Irish Times Crosaire crossword.

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Arrangement to get relative trapped in castle
Assigned a good deal in flourishing Delta
Carelessly omitting women involved? That's cheating!
Carries on with plays and leads under pressure
Changes the sequence to ration stew
Commend soft approach by gambler
Commissariat dismissing Maoist is a sign of bigotry
Community shelter offering French cake
Dismissing someone renting a home in the middle of Mongolia
Disturbed NATO in African country with series of movements
Game time in Clare
Hides half of Jacob's smokes
It's hard work following religious type on the radio making sure one hasn't done anything wrong
Kitty on the bike? Yes with spare tyre!
Looks after expectant fathers meeting on the Fourth of July
Man in the street polite to leaders? I'm afraid not!
One judge is foaming at the mouth
Part missing from sports car - one of those hybrid types?
Provide lift for pal leaving hospital
Raise a stink losing stake to wizened dried-up type
Riga cultural organisation is not urban in its outlook
Rule out what's initially captured in introduction
Saw Red get angry (4,3'1,4)
Some Pacific salmon going around in type of film
Three exchanges - none of them finished for the dancers
What the whistleblower is capable of is informing
What's trending is intrinsic when all is said and done
Winds up over match in the final stages