Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (July 2nd 2018) clues of Irish Times Crosaire crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 28 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Unwillingness to trace uncle at sea
Take one's hat off for military gesture
Versailles has no silver to auction
Paper covers both sides of The Arms Crisis
One of the hot ones caught by bank on island
Was over the moon sending up celebrities taking in Cork
Troublemaker stinks out the co-op?
Rocket Man's outfits used by more than one of those in 9 across
Last of the cumin in Raita mixture from European capital
Laid out deadlines and requirements
Tad fishy, criminal never works nights
Isolated without lost member of staff
Have a ball with revolutionary decree to the artists perhaps?
I, for one, condemned retest
A drink before turning in crazy thing from Cork
Polish off fish in batter
On the edges of commuter belt going around Leopardstown
The hectic life of one of those from The Road
This is for the loungers spread out by one enjoying The Sun
Peaty coal failed to start fire
Course of action for writing introduction to screenplay for those interested in plot
100-1 = 99
Admires one party on Isle in conversation with head of state
Butchers' cuts also put others in the shade
Those in The House listening to The Speaker
Ferret removed from fresh water is clean
Haitians drop hint it's the biggest Mass on the globe!
Grounds for getting drunk locally? That doesn't apply to anyone on the water!