Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (July 6th 2018) clues of Irish Times Crosaire crossword.

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Some eccentric - a vegetarian left holding the wine
Relax with some physical medicine
Miraculously drops royal's gathering on a dull day
Sinister part of vaudeville
Hopes for spring? Good luck with that!
Irish Catholic Church preaches to Anglicans here?
State television is responsible for speech
Tax covering information technology and high spirits
Celebrity is charged over possession of cocaine
Sort of similar to one of those in 19 down in Rush
Describe a nutritional fragment in the coffee-making process
Public transport in Elbe coming out of East Berlin
Turns up, the foreign credit application, for the most part, is in the post
It's an utter failure to set up Sidney with Daisy's relative
According to my way of thinking, fellow is one of those in The Confederacy
There's no regatta in Orange Free State as predicted
It's easy to understand you'd never find this much clarity in the dark
The latest trend - brief romantic date with fianc?e
Gives out to everyone with old books at school
Work out for certain, actor is missing
It's not easy to understand, this is as clear to organisation from the start
Cake in front of gourmet to go with a drink that needs topping-up
Fool with identical twin dismisses nice lad
Cunard ship, for example? Is that meant to be funny!
Like the comedian, his mistake is following entertainer from Ring
Director consumed by silly play produced a number of pastoral scenes
Hothead at United, for example, is found up top
Reason to save for what's been forecasted