Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (July 9th 2018) clues of Irish Times Crosaire crossword.

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'Stewardess kicks out Swedes' - The Sun
Butcher cagey about new business
Father flipped over pests returning unhealthy Italian dish
First-class miner says nothing as a form of self-defence
Geriatric's study with links to writer and senior boss in the 90s
How clumsy of me as Enid left poisoned
Identified as having a tip for boxing match starting off
Influence of female in the abbey
Is it along the shore - it sounds very precise?
It brings everything to an end, upsetting mood with talk about old Penny
Lee's daughters missing Utah
Let art distract noisy type
Mix contents of recipes tirelessly
Motorway parking in our country is big business
Nuggets of advice for Polish partner retiring
Nun excluded from what's announced filling in for the priest
One atlas in production is for the Europeans
Period of work is fundamental - it'll change the capital
Post copy to church for increase - it may hold water
PR novice working for Leinster
Revolutionary leader gets to draw the line of borders
Sample of hard disc - a revelation that will mark you for life
Security are aware of this approach and delivery method for drug
Stalin's henchman behind independent European peninsula
Tom admits difficulty with small talk
Took issue with trial date
Turn a blind eye to Gore in trouble
Type of dinner dance opens golf tournament