Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (June 14th 2018) clues of Irish Times Crosaire crossword.

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Hand over dye reports
Headmaster releases sheet for the players
Chewed a bad olive - was that preventable?
It's used for transporting the precious stuff inside Dido's old place
Selection drops lot of family members
Portly type honours royal subject at point-to-point
She ruins smashing welcomes
Made-up tie clip containing cross - that's crystal clear
Came across Park and Ride initially looking for the pitch
A really small amount of lilac isn't problematic
Worried about the environment, boxer loses head consumed by dangerous bacteria on street
Raising someone else's issue leads to Bill on right to choose
Popular soldier set up in bona fide conspiracy
They're likely to go off on one, having a fiery disposition on bender
One of The Doors admits singing the lead - it has something to do with Staying Alive
Tough old bird in hot water, as is accountable for the housewarming
Background to one child's game wrapped up in present
Drawings upset great amount of heads in house
Address most of the drugs coming from Switzerland
Serve coffee, for instance, after drugs fix briefly, as it changes the smell in the house
Accountant to take advantage of minor celebrity going on about controversial Big Issue
Comprehensive covers everything on the curriculum perhaps
Realise a temperature ain't problematic
Provocations from prominent foundation to relatives
As a reward after working all my life, tell French architect to sketch a small hotel
China dismisses the last old, old philosopher
Bold criminal individuals scrutinised by forensic anthropologist
Swede gives support for females at small women's institute