Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (June 2nd 2018) clues of Irish Times Crosaire crossword.

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50 in Prague Movement responsible for deafening silence
Account by a group of spies - one is a plant
Bottle of awesome alcohol for dinner
Concealed by double agent in pastoral setting
Fired cook for what he did with the grease
Hopeful of organising pub tea
Inflexibility in South America over golf in old city
It's just more of what the fans asked for
Made fun of sedate criminal
Model's Cartier is unpredictable
Naples, for example, is No 1 and the capital for old-style fighting
New satire about time by theatrical professional
No ban in Bahrain or Barnet in the UK?
No minors in South American vineyard
Of course, this leads to promotion and relegation
Old police force is fairly kind in Belgium working on site locally
One of The Beatles on the radio admitted Paul initially produced review
One of The Young Ones opening act for One Direction living on the island
Organisation is familiar with the mysteries of the world
Providing a terrible sample at the airport
Realise accountant and engineer is in worker's home
Refuse the little ones among the boxers
Scatter what's found in garden's hedge
Slice of tortilla tested - it's overdue?
Some ungratefulness by double-crosser
Sound type got on his bike in the gym and cleverly solved the crossword perhaps
Source made arrangements with meticulous planning
Spin doctor releases disc in a hurry
Spring mentioned one is very polite
State shirt-maker hits out
Terrorised dismissing riots - what went wrong?
The butt, for instance, is a bit of the Golden Delicious
They have a reputation for being wise guys with endless tricks
To the extent that one provides new sitting room for reading
Trainee finishes Honolulu cocktail with port during the break
Type of channel for director with compulsive desire
Unwelcoming on both sides of community pool
Watering hole encounter is a dieter's nightmare - you'd say the same if you're going to see me later (2'2,4,5)