Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (June 5th 2018) clues of Irish Times Crosaire crossword.

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Fight over state rule by blockhead or clever clogs
Despatch something from site to Noah's family
Turns up, one of the Children of Lir concealed link to one of those from the wife's side
Fool showing off roses in The Examiner
Union members behind football team in America
Hearing covers up marketing ploy - it leads to nervous uncertainty
Was responsible for the Molotov cocktail and got very rich
Important person in The Magi followed it
Writing in epic novel is similar to The Bill
Interpol dismiss tip from antisocial type
Decorative mask for disguise?
It's shameful, in a manner of speaking, offering cut-price spirit
Covers-up direct order from minister
Jockey and horse in bizarre result
Lack of intelligence about one caring criminal
Living in Halifax, Diana can adapt
Mark consumed by Gibraltar getaway
Most of the excitement with new guns in Portobello, for example
Must get out of Mousetrap and Madame Butterfly
Analyse the vulnerable, soft youths training around college
One of the cutbacks in Trim?
One of those from dress shop is not in Trim
Overlook males, mostly over the top, with extreme suits and memorable blue buttonholes?
Run repeat training to do one's heart good
Sent an amendment from French city
Classy types showing the worlds of rounded earthy models
Sounds like something one could do on Christmas Day for Goal to casually avoid it
There's no solace in crocodile tears from board member