Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (June 6th 2018) clues of Irish Times Crosaire crossword.

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Nip back half on account of the foreign summit
None of them are fully committed to a certain extent - that's some measure of how clever they are (8'1,6)
Blame for taking mind off dance music
Persuade Clare to finish deception with French wine
Bars both sides in industrial relations
Public relations officer takes a turn in civil service unit
Built airport lounge in the end with African capital
Rejects all moral and religious principles in reviewing his brief record in charge
Burn where the revolutionaries hang out?
Renoirs missing surprised none - is that a skit?
Carl's pet cuckoo is out of this world
Some characters frustrated general having the upper hand
Dear me - it disturbed part of the circle
Tar sticks on avenue in France, for instance
Diplomacy of characters involved in direct action
They stop traffic for those buried by the quayside
Don't protect former model
Unwanted messages not from the postman
Double agents don't get stoned in the expensive fish restaurant
Very large number going around old capital needs no introduction to what's a stock item
Gather food from roof garden
General staff releasing agents is a gamble that inevitably throws up winners and losers
Heads off disaster for a number of parties and The Greens
Hypnotist dismisses hints as a mistake in The Paper
Is on hand to forge finer play
Is she responsible for 8 across fooling around perhaps?
James leaves Jerusalem convention
Megabits of code for those in no hurry