Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (June 8th 2018) clues of Irish Times Crosaire crossword.

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A preachy sort of short encore to elite group of celebrities
A trooper working with engineer
Brief notes about ten lost souvenirs
Cleans up with endless horsey insider information and stops working
Compensate for the defects, as it is not in remedies?
Consumed medication, for instance, to get all right
Don't panic - it's one of the problems trying to move the boat
Don't stand there if you want to keep your job - the one with defined targets to hit
Figure tries to get away from firestorm
Ill-humoured beast swallows ram's head
Lounge has one soft drink for local sucker
Makes jokes about the trials the students have to do before leaving
No work for bookworm to pick-up?
Photobomb a lot from delegation
Produced denim cap that could be a killer if it goes global
Prosperous place with 10 across and 4 down
Roughly treated two workers from the French Department
Selling out of wellingtons in urban area
Set the table and briefly lower the lights? Well-ordered and that's a sweet one!
Sign for takeaway completely in the dark
Storage facility in Switzerland perhaps is for the birds in a crazy sort of way
Surprise broadcast and article seen in The Sun?
Teach our criminals it's available in the community programme
Those in Sky opening 15 across on top of sports
Time to play the role of foreign agent?
Turns up, popular bird caught in Chantilly, for example, is used to promote unity
US co-ed travelling to old European capital
Very small item on the agenda, for starters