Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (May 11th 2018) clues of Irish Times Crosaire crossword.

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Models' sunhats, etc., can be the most unwavering
Stands to reason spies join the network for cover
It's a sentimental one for short period of time on one of the charts
In court, the fourth lawyer to name that rabble
Sue any criminal that's worried
Brainbox follows game in general advanced position
Presumably, this is how Dracula will cut his fangs? Of course, it leads to hellish evil!
Moderate old revolutionary in Ulster
Shoemaker's model with rare button on top of laces from Orient, is ultimately not to be overlooked
Applause for trick is absurd
Caddie took in this as the reason why one was losing
Expanse of marl dug out of Lombardy
Detect Anne Duff could be a forerunner
Will need to be composed, as one of those laid out on bed has the blues
Those on the board with Spring in money lending business
Extremists produced state flags hanging around college
Something stuck in trachea can be a pain
Hector found in bar - presumably involved in monkey business
Get hold of criminal in boat
Ruled bar at the end of the strand
Unexposed releasing nudes - is that fair?
No pubs in Budapest for lovely social engagement
NATO in trouble with The Republic, for one
Stick around for St Patrick's Day bands
Time in custody linked first to illegal monopoly
Answer left to the foreign guy on the English council
Dead cute model has gone through university
So Bluesy ... Dizzy! Is that father's call?