Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (May 1st 2018) clues of Irish Times Crosaire crossword.

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A French feminine type entertains 150 from the family
Bake burnt here and in 21 across
Builder learnt from temporary accommodation
Campaigned for party leader managing something uncoordinated
Charlie's missing his county
Company has time to rebuild New York City
Demonstrate to Bill on holiday
Devised epic sale? That's unusual!
Do two of these keep a woman balanced for when she puts her foot down?
Envy relative carried by horse popular with those doing the numbers
Jasmine in the book is used by gastronomic type to wrap things up
Julian Cook holds key to chalet at foundation on top of the world
Looks after flock in community with ripest bananas
Mafia leader got away at first with trouble in the hotel - it's a sign no will lose sleep over this
Mouthy types can be as thick as the wall?
No permit in Maritime Alps for cured sausage
Not even one connection to society with a number of idiosyncrasies
Not sure about party to put up with
Off head on drugs holding the drinks the smokers ordered
Open the drinks party for most of them mentioned in Dispatches
Provide cover for foolish type heading off to smoke
Rub shoulders of teammate
Shows one's appreciation to a minister at prayer service
Some characters in Ottawa keeping up
Some software licence for those visiting museum
Starter of tender pig served up by diner for couple at drive-in
Take another look about for note to Maxine Rock
The nerve of station losing head with quality at the end of the day