Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (November 1st 2018) clues of Irish Times Crosaire crossword.

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Catholic comprehensive?
Covered-up a Shakespearean character with Ottoman roots
Duck starter with fish and a type of meat - you could pull a wagon if you had that
Etching a model working at a fellow's place
Finishes 22 across with nag
First Picasso in nude form? Flip!
Foreign footballers retiring to 25 across is alarming
Height applied to church using modern gadgetry
How judge judged criminal charged over initial theft? Assessed the suit!
In the autumn, one cold could be infectious
Keep that under your hat or veil?
Killer whale circles that man with a fair stroke - get them to play that music from Jaws, for instance
Massive tax write-off consumed by one of those in the pit
Old man gets out of Promised Land - you can see it on The Web
One of the old coppers with talent working for The Yard obviously
One of those from Irish kitchen in the army is likely to be fired
One of those successes following a meeting at the bar gets carried away with business trip
Organisation is organised by sloppy type
Outlines the characters with awkward client in ship
Part of dance exercise in large flat space
Quarrel is over writing that will give one the heebie-jeebies
Quintet from 14 across opening for One Direction could be beacons of illumination
Race of sailor isn't part of revelations
Serge's adaptation is way out
There won't be any jam produced in this business following most of 8 down
They restrict the noise in sound systems?
Unimportant people throwing digs at people in Ring
Woman with skater's figure is a concern for dieter