Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (November 3rd 2018) clues of Irish Times Crosaire crossword.

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Ban a fair amount of food for dicky bird
Beast in India ailing badly
Bit of smartphone technology divides the court
Bob and Maria left main road
Bright, popular supporter witnessed at rugby match fighting behind the Tullow tank perhaps
Bugbear in heat wave?
Cinema adaptation with central character who cometh on stage
Come to grips losing crop out of self-importance
Concealed by governor mandated by convention
Dishy type of Italian artist on endless fiddle
Driver drops off dinner service - they get a whiff of this at the church
Drop a line to one of those in 33 down
First class piece rejected - you should have felt it in your bones?
Flexible type from A-list working in Clare bends over backwards
Grumpy companion among those in Burdocks
Guitar bands - Babyshambles and Kiss
Guy slips a disc in medicals
Have one's heart set on responsively releasing spoilers
Is likely to lift something that's not heavy to chop, freeing what's on top of deadwood
It's easy to take up with hard work and can be a source of illumination
It's not what you'd expect of high literature and that's not a judgement perhaps that carries much weight
Kind of test in literature, to sum up
Legendary type taken ill from ball field
Match for all sides today
Nicole Kidman's characters from European capital
Part of The Leviathan debunked by four of a kind, for one
Pressure in keeping back harvest leads to report
Raises a glass to one of those making breakfast on the breadline perhaps
Repackage loot found in Belgium by the gram and distribute it illegally
Small foxy type of gear is half rotten
Some friend is horrified by a description of 11 across
Standing in line for gin cocktail
Temps on shift for those making deliveries
Those from The Road immersed in feminism
Turns up, police department restricted US film broadcast by Scandinavian
Understanding reports and writing by troublemaker
Upsets man from capital taking in marathon on island in Africa
Yarn of criminal hatred