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Lance dropped one off to meet Holly in the conference centre presumably
Local criticism to offend honey producer front the start
They're following the mouthy movement, in a manner of speaking, for patron of the library in the margins
Barbara loses the head with old city director in type of theatre
It follows, the question is key
Hostility to 12 across, for one, from Spain
Detective rings the German back on line - is that only to be expected?
Among narcissi, a mixture from the old country
Resent running records
Church loses the head with idiot from department in States for teaching the students a number of lessons
Spike is the father of person selling the illegal medication
Keep one's distance from Spike's reports and advice from The Dodgers
Drink with retiring sailor - a little hairy fellow who's a good swimmer
Middle East dumped limes past their sell-by-date
Had a lot to say in Rome to officer covering up rice production
Made a fuss about desserts sent back
Patriotism lacks spirit, a little bit
Short mini?
Let out of bell tower to go on ahead
Be on the safe side with breakdown rescue
Shut up trainee working on the paper
Impossible to contradict element at college working with horses
The Underground and French Cabinet historically stocked wine and spirits
Take issue with Barney and burglaries around adult club
Fruit pips found in the pyramids
Empty dwelling is used by the gardener watering The Gardens
Sample of catch on shuttle in Japanese waters
Side of butcher's meat

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