Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (September 12th 2017) clues of Irish Times Crosaire crossword.

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A rather narrow view of what the mole is expected to look through
Air condition bill for the most part is supposed to cool things down in the restaurant
Alcoholic drink on the bicycle - that one is bound to be put behind bars
Arab Spring endlessly disturbed the peace - in retrospect, did it wear them down?
Bellow admits possessing something that will save someone's skin
Bit of a yarn about football is close to the bone
Buries criminal as a result of person getting whacked
Chapel head from craft union has come all the way from Rome on a mission
Couple of swims perhaps in deep depression
Dancer writing on a foreign state treasure
Fool around with broadcaster and department of various types
Has a reputation for exposing type of philosophy that's not in favour of cover-up
Heat anvil roughly for gatekeeper in hellish surroundings
In favour of organising riot in first class? That's the most convincing conclusion!
Introduce no one at opening of Much Ado About Nothing
Madeleine's getting a bit of colour on top of the dunes putting Madeira on a pedestal
Manchester has no hams or heart
New purse for top boxer is remarkable
No use in carousel for the Christmas singers
Panfry and use a suet
Polish didn't finish old trainee university, upsetting principal in American city
Popular direction taken by auctioneer recalling the foreign type that's not fit for consumers
Professional with racket has something to admire
Reports state is fundamentally empty
Sounds like a lengthy queue in The Barracks for some of the tables
Sounds like one of The Beatles is lucky and charming perhaps
Time for song produced by handy, fiery sort bringing two sides together
Where to find the camper's objective