Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (September 1st 2017) clues of Irish Times Crosaire crossword.

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County Council borders Helix
Stupid thing from Cork is always drunk at the end of the day
Curry favour by fixing flat tyre
The heartless play on old police force finding gangster is exaggerated
It's part of the drill opening bloodstock yard - that's from the horse's mouth, gradually!
The wrong cut is trimmed in one type of restaurant
Lights up small-to-medium game that needs no introduction
Those in the doghouse with 9 across and 26 across for starting something
Line manager removes green creature
Too confident there's no bedlam in black comedy
Lippy type of characters involved in applied genetics
Lock-up legend with a bad temper
Mid-January in Milan draws past pupils
Build blog for a novice with a general view
Nerve centre takes in far too much from Bath
Night-watchman spends a lot of time looking into space
Oddball or a crony close to one's heart
Old magazine reviews issue
Party leader memorises and cites convoluted family row
Pop around to open drink from Syrian city
Reviews pointers for holding kebab
Address covered papers from media agency to briefly sort by the Ides of Spring perhaps
Clip from part of The Acropolis
Send-off in bar is for hotel workers at The Capital
Catching new introduction to joke in a foreign legend
Share a meal with holiday money locally
Sounds like Count's for the chop
Clay loses head suffering from last fight splattered on the canvas