Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (September 9th 2017) clues of Irish Times Crosaire crossword.

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Flavour of small Irish bookseller
Old writer used it for a dip in far side of park skilfully
Fool in front of judge? Take that with a pinch of salt perhaps!
Playing Ludo is ostentatious, in a manner of speaking
Found in cloakroom for Maple? The Branch is all over it!
Read Rabelaisian extract that's dull
Go over Snow Park in spring
Realise restaurant hasn't got a trust
Going crazy with new measure of drink
Aer Lingus carrying party from last address in Turkey
Son's not part of counsel's evidence
He's far out once more
Sounds like straw vote by one of those carrying The Wire
Helicopters dropping off richest staff
Standard that can rise, concealing children's ignorance
Hotel number for one of those at the base going to The Crown, for instance
The cost to some wildlife environments
I'm not saying this is strictly understood? Understood!
Took gold in Taekwondo
Identifying G-Man in trouble
A ruler's at fault for the mysterious
What 21 down said of Bray?
Insist reebok is not included in reference book
Call someone for bank's packaged mortgage
Again and again, field officer returns cross
Is ages covering up surveillance on site
It comes down the line - let up on record with perfect version of Shout
Bit of foie gras spread is for Jenny
It's child's play hiding secret agent
Connects with Jack on the land, for one, for a chat
Jerk produced note left in church
Cost of mobile in Ring after the damage locally
Local Mafia shortly to release foreign copper
Didn't tell the truth to Eoin on the radio to take the rest
Mix up start at the butchers with a job at the bank
Fellow admits writing on present with no introduction something that's cheesy
New York cell is a little short at the sides today
Object to criminal on trial