Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 7th 2018) clues of LA Times crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 144 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Was in a jam?
Sch. in Knoxville
Penn, e.g.: Abbr.
Insincere, as a promise
Sunny-day shapes
Crete's highest elev.
Hula hoops, say
"__ we good?"
Honor society letter
"Turn the Page" rocker
Hajji's destination
Up and at 'em
Kenton and Getz
Cubs' all-time home run champ
Burglar's challenge
Exxon, formerly
"Diana" singer
Prefix with port
Powerful engine
Man, but not woman
Swears to
Spock portrayer
Forensic detectives, for short
Take the loss
Like Willie Nelson vocals
Indian title
Michael Jackson compilation album
Many OCS grads
Discount abbr.
Some "X-Files" characters
Fancy threads
Oscar winner Berry
Iditarod team member
Winter Games org.
Whence Aslan
Went after
NFL commissioner Goodell
Flanders Fields flower
Beethoven's fifths?
Naproxen brand
Ford finned flop
In __: existing
Snazzy coating
Barbary beast
Hesitant speaker's sounds
"... you've made indie films, but can you __?"
Govt. loan agency
Web page standard
Game show host
"... you've made decorative bowls, but can you __?"
Lightweight hats
It may be restricted
Artsy Manhattan neighborhood
Latin clarifier
Desert trial
Derring-do, e.g.
Disciplined, in a way
Many a Prado painting
Windy City rail initials
Longtime Pro Bowl site
Closer's stat
B vitamin used to treat high cholesterol
"... you've conned small-time dealers with your forgeries, but can you __?"
"... you've monitored planets with your telescope, but can you __?"
Apt. listing unit
Sparkly strands
Rhone tributary
Join the cast of
Golden __
Theater chain letters
Chocolate trees
Biblical verb
"__ bigger than a breadbox?"
Bara of the silents
Sprain site
Like some coincidences
Fairway adjoiner
Sundance's sweetie __ Place
Nike competitor
"... you've repaired planes for civilian pilots, but can you __?"
Lang. of Livorno
One guilty of disorderly conduct?
Cilium, to the layperson
Quasimodo's love
"... you've coached gymnasts, but can you __?"
Trendy greeting
Tuckered out
"The Optimist's Daughter" Pulitzer winner Welty
Like falling off __
Biblical beast
Frat letters
Some Miles Davis groups
"... you've run dining rooms, but can you __?"
Actor Daniel __ Kim
Was crazy about
Greeted the judge
Prospector's disappointment
Actress Delany
"Oh, nuts!"
"... you've written non-theatrical prose, but can you __?"
Early role for Ronny
Takes the Black Friday plunge
Sorbonne enrollee
Melanie's "Working Girl" role
Drive, for one
Catch a glimpse of
Pittsburgh product
Between ports
Fischer's forte
Contract conditions
"If only __ known ... "
African capital on its own river
Ice skate part
Summer Olympics event
Actress Charlotte
"Happy Days" mom, to Fonzie
Very, in music
In quantity
Id controller
The first Mrs. de Winter, in fiction
10th-century emperor
Get cracking
"Yay me!" shouts
Breton or Gael