Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (June 11th 2018) clues of LA Times crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 74 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Love to bits
TV-watching rooms
One of two sts. with bordering panhandles
Speechless performers
Hem and __
Overplay the scene
NBA coach Pat who trademarked "three-peat"
"That was easy!"
"__ Loves You": Beatles
Beethoven's "Moonlight," e.g.
Lawn mower housing
Come to a close
Actor Cage, in tabloids
Move to Canada to avoid military service
Sea of __: Black Sea arm
Midwestern tribe
Finalize, as a deal
Aired again on TV
Policy expert
Give a heads-up
NASCAR's Yarborough
Bothers a lot
Top-10 1978 hit for Kansas
Nest egg acronym
Prefix with appear
Longtime bubble gum wrap
Slowly diminished, as strength
Smooth machinery sound
Girl who went to Oz
Mine extraction
Cream of the crop
Brand for nasal congestion
George's fiancée on "Seinfeld"
Australian gems
Kitten cries
Texter's "As I see it ... "
Pained sound
Soul singer James
Helped by an usher
LAX incoming flight
Food restriction
Toast topper
Change the district boundaries of
Peepers' closers
Corned beef concoction
Lawn invader
Maine city
Attach to a light bulb socket
Find out about
Showers affection (on)
Be exorbitant with the gratuity
Hebrew scroll
Restored to health
"I need to tell you something"
Dejected spell
Toll rds.
Air Force sch.
NATO alphabet ender
Fairly recent
Airline with only kosher meals
Long rants
City SE of Roma
Mom's emphatic words after "Because"
"For __ the Bell Tolls"
Surrounding glow
Marvel Comics superheroes
The Emerald Isle
Mechanical learning method
Scrolling PC key
"¿Qué __?"