Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (November 5th 2017) clues of LA Times crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 144 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Museum curators' degs.
"Ain't happening"
Hobbyist's knife
1814-'15 exile site
China's Zhou __
Pats on the table
Tiger Woods has won a record 21 of them
Goose's medical concern?
Basketball Hall of Fame coach Jerry
Ain't right?
Hastings head
Two-element tubes
Energetic mount
One of Jupiter's Galilean moons
Woody's son
Ones with will power?
Discontinued allergy brand
Sundae topping item
Ginger cookie factory statistic?
Brut alternative
What "L" may mean: Abbr.
Fared reasonably well
Short albums, for short
Crystalline rocks
__ to go: eager
Troubling spots
Longtime Priceline pitchman
Cries over
Perp stopper
Beer ingredient
What results from failure to stop at a deer crossing?
"__ le roi!"
Equally irate
Male escorts
Kenny Rogers quartet
Subject for Archimedes
Convince using flattery
Window sill item
Yellow Teletubby
Kitchen gadget
Hasty departure
So-so haul in the fishing industry?
Raising a ball, with "up"
"Il Trovatore" heroine
Stop before surgery
Pesky biter
Verdi title bandit
Invigorate Dry Spray maker
Soprano Fleming et al.
Private eye
Manila envelope feature
Infamous fictional motel
Home security system at no cost?
"Hamlet" in progress?
Martini partner
Logical beginning?
Long-legged fisher
Sein, across the Rhine
Swiss capital
DEA activity
Connecticut senator Chris
2-Down's boss
1-Down's sitcom employee
Crunch targets
Hairstyling legend
Friday creator
Hyphen relative
North Carolina university
Cavernous opening
Rat Pack leader
Like some bank services
Chan portrayer
Daybreak deity
Crosses off
Oregon port
Auditing pro
Norse war god
Opposite of west, in Dortmund
Puts into office
Court defendant: Abbr.
Prohibited courtroom procedure?
Go down
Unpleasant singles bar come-on?
Tardy people, to some
Courtroom figs.
Leatherwork tool
Those, in Oaxaca
"Is that __?"
Hokkaido noodle
Helped through a tough time, with "over"
Tend to
Letter-shaped gaskets
Utah range
Loosening of govt. standards
Take in
James and Jones of jazz
Duracell competitor
Wee, in Dundee
Discuss in detail
California-based shoe company
Feature of a no-holds-barred campaign
Legal thing
Actress Palmer
Joe Namath, notably
Costa __ Sol
Pacific salmon
Toto hit that mentions Kilimanjaro
Routing org.
Included in the email loop, briefly
Santa __: dry winds
Corp. big shots
Proof of paternity, perhaps
Loan figs.
The Beatles' "Day __"
Baby's first garment
Not leave as is
Belted tire synthetic
La Floride et La Virginie
Japanese chip maker
Turn over
Adriatic port
Monastery title
Carl's director son
Conductor __-Pekka Salonen
It's not a bad lie
JFK alternative
Simpson trial judge
Command from a maj.
Actor Beatty