Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (October 11th 2017) clues of LA Times crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 74 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Langley, e.g.: Abbr.
Driver or putter
Subdue with a charge
Ballet divisions
Crank (up)
Cocktail made with brandy and crème de menthe
Hunchbacked lab assistant
Timber often used for guitar fretboards
"No fighting!"
Triage locales, briefly
PGA Tour golf course near Miami
"La Bamba" singer Ritchie
Fish in salade niçoise
Gym unit
Addams family cousin
Inc. and LLC?
Beaming and shining?
Military rebels
Jibe grammatically
Ready for the worst
Come-__: enticements
Speaks with a scratchy voice
Covent Garden highlight
Geometric art style
Wolfish look
__ Mason: asset management giant
Pal of Pooh
Aswan Dam site
Green shampoo
In the direction of
Ranking org. for court players
Properly arranged
Google operating system
Underground find
"Never __ Me Go": Kazuo Ishiguro novel
Styled after, on a menu
Blue Cross rival
Be judged unfairly
Dr. with Grammys
Performer's array
Managed __
Genetic code transmitter
Donkey sound
Often fruity dessert
Tie the knot
Slangy "Let's move on ... "
Socialite Perle
Like priests
"Got it!" and "Roger that!"?
What some caddies carry
The Northwest's Sea-__ Airport
Private jet choices
Tic-tac-toe win
"Any volunteers?"
"Green Eggs and Ham" opening
Cultural pic that may go viral
"What are you in for?" and "I was framed"?
Oscar-winning director Frank
Like the T206 Honus Wagner baseball card
Frog habitat
Eats by candlelight
Pre-coll. exams
Not in favor of
Spots to conceal
Dole (out)
Affirmative action
Kinsey research focus
Drain slowly
Producer of some Talking Heads albums