Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (October 6th 2017) clues of LA Times crossword.

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Best-selling book generally not on best-seller lists
Benchmark: Abbr.
Early automaker
Won't go near
Back again
Heist haul
Magoo's malady
Ended up off the mark
Agricultural college facility?
Polling abbr.
Arrive at hastily, as a conclusion
Sundial marking
Content of little substance
Madrid-to-Paris dir.
Rose in a field
One who got in before a crash?
Achilles __
Take turns
Lancelot bragging about his exploits?
"The BFG" author
Intelligence org.
Dutch genre painter
Juillet's season
KFC option
Red __
What theater districts offer?
Financial workers
Like merciless opponents
Gospel travelers
Not nice at all
Urgent request
Decline, with "out"
They traditionally appear in red ... and in another form in 20-, 32-, 40- and 53-Across
Loud sound
Columbia, e.g.
"That's lousy!"
Enlarged Revlon ad image
Reduce a sentence, say
MLBer at AT&T Park
Highway pursuer
Bakery item with some shortening?
"Frozen" snowman
What most pitchers have, as batters
"Little" Dickens title character
Author Bellow
What that is in Spain
Scout groups
[It just vanished!]
Answer guide?
Get on with one's life
Revolutionary first name
Child subject
It's not big in France
Verse lead-in
Prize for Indy
Oxford figures
Fare-well link
Italian peak
Like the simplest process
Toyota's Ky. plant, e.g.
Old-school diplomatic accessory
Pack up the tents and supplies
Like some Alban Berg works
Tiny Tim, for one
Rene of "Thor"
Vegan staple
Direct (one's way)
Ginza quaff
Barbecue morsel
Sinus doc
Driller's deg.