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American Indian chief; father of Pocahontas
— Island, land mass in Antarctica housing active volcano Mount Erebus
2004 action film starring Will Smith and Bridget Moynahan
Sultanate in N Borneo
Strong aniseed-flavoured spirit from Greece
Medieval street in York associated with the business of butchery
Frankish historian noted for Vita Karoli Magni, a biography of Charlemagne
Desmond —, television presenter whose credits include Match of the Day and Countdown
Miguel —, WBC Flyweight champion from 1975-79
Thin porridge made by boiling oatmeal in water or milk
Scott —, author of novels Personal Injuries and Presumed Innocent
Town in Warwickshire on the River Anker
Jeff —, author of novels Automated Alice and Falling Out Of Cars
1996 Ben Elton stage play; 1998 Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Comedy winner
1894 novel by Anthony Hope
Christian —, actor who portrayed Orson Welles in 2008 film drama Me and Orson Welles
Musical instruction that a piece be played as fast as possible
Any one of the eight teeth in a human adult situated between the first molars and the canines
2004 novel by Neil Jordan
1861 novel by Ellen Wood
The —, 1973 comedy-drama film starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford
Medium-sized wading bird with a long straight bill
— Tower, popular name for the tallest building in the City of London financial district
2000 biopic starring Eric Bana in the title role