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Beryl —, late author of novels According to Queeney and The Dressmaker
US state whose capital is Montgomery
1986 comedy-horror film starring Grace Jones and Chris Makepeace
Second largest city in New Hampshire, US
2006 novel by Chris Ryan
City in Uusimaa, Finland, housing the Gallen-Kallela Museum
US river rising in NW Wyoming that enters the Missouri near the North Dakota border
Shoe of deerskin worn by American Indians
Edible marine gastropod mollusc whose shell is used for ornament or decoration
Paul —, author of novels Oracle Night and Timbuktu
City and major seaport in Liguria, Italy
Horse that won the St Leger, Oaks and 1000 Guineas in 1955
The —, 2002 film comedy starring Eddie Murphy in the title role
Desiderius —, Dutch humanist who published the first Greek edition of the New Testament in 1516
BBC TV music programme that ran from 1964-2006
Chemical element; symbol Pb
River in Germany upon which Aachen and Geilenkirchen stand
Nocturnal bird of prey with large eyes and a short neck
Gloria —, Best Actress in a Supporting Role Oscar nominee for Titanic
Unit of thermal resistance used to measure the power of a quilt’s insulation
1985 film comedy starring Eileen Brennan and Tim Curry
Chess piece of the lowest theoretical value
Ninth day before the ides of each month in the Roman calendar