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1946 film Western starring Jennifer Jones and Gregory Peck
Georges —, French author of 1918 novel Civilisation
1967 volume of prose and verse by Ted Hughes
Martina —, author of novels Dangerous Lady and The Ladykiller
1949 novel by Nancy Mitford
Jacques-Louis —, French artist whose works include 1787's The Death of Socrates
Saint and first known apostle of Scotland who built a stone church at Whithorn
Multihull sailing vessel of the South Pacific
Glove puppet bear created by Harry Corbett
Continents of Europe and Asia considered as a whole
City in Antwerp, Belgium, housing St Rumbold's Cathedral
18th letter in the Greek alphabet
European republic whose capital is Rome
John —, Secretary of State for Wales from 1993-95
Play without words by Samuel Beckett first performed on television in 1981
Group of islands in the Aegean Sea whose capital is Rhodes
1989 novel by Paul Auster
Chinese dynasty interrupted by Xin leader Wang Mang which ruled from 206 BC until AD 220
Lucy —, actress who played Kitty Baxter in 2002 film musical Chicago
Catherine —, protagonist in Emily Bronte novel Wuthering Heights who weds Edgar Linton
Tam —, former Labour MP; Father of the House from 2001-05
Tree of temperate regions that bears small edible triangular nuts
Popular name for the machine that randomly selects winning Premium Bonds numbers in Britain
2006 film drama starring Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova