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BBC TV children's series whose title character works in the fictional village of Greendale
George —, Secretary of State for Scotland from 1979-86
Percussion instrument made from a hollow gourd commonly used in Latin American music
1816 novel by Jane Austen
S W —, 2005 Australia Test cricket debutant against England at Nottingham
Town in central Israel that houses an airport
Jamie —, celebrity chef who married Juliette Norton in 2000
River that flows from Dartmoor to Barnstaple Bay in Devon
Westernmost of the Aleutian Islands off the coast of SW Alaska, US
Soft creamy white cheese similar to Camembert
Carnivorous mammal of African and Asian wooded regions also called a honey badger
Woodland animal of Europe and Asia with small antlers and a reddish-brown summer coat
1943 autobiographical children's novel by Laura Ingalls Wilder
2011 Derby-winning horse
Mediterranean plant whose grey-green leaves are used in cooking
London-born actress who played Paddy in television sitcom The Rag Trade
Nocturnal bird with large eyes named after its discordant cry
Airy spirit in William Shakespeare play The Tempest
Order of insects that includes the ants, bees and wasps
Terry —, England national football team manager from 1994-96
In English law, the former crime of taking goods of another person without permission with the intention of keeping them
Polysaccharide that occurs widely in plant tissues
The —, 2012 film comedy starring Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn
Large brown seaweed whose ash is a source of iodine