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1967 film musical starring Fred MacMurray and Tommy Steele
Jeff —, late West Bromwich Albion 1968 FA Cup Final-winning scorer against Everton
2008 film musical starring Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan
Seaside resort in Genoa, Italy, on the Ligurian Sea
Carlos —, winner of the 1990 and 1992 World Rally Drivers' Championship
Strong polymer first produced by the DuPont firm in the 1930s
Character played by Bob Hoskins in 1991 adventure film Hook
Freshwater diving bird with lobed membranes along each toe
Subterranean river in London after which a former debtors' prison was named
Member of a people of northern Nigeria and surrounding regions
Loose-skinned dog of Chinese origin with a frowning expression
Seven-a-side sport won by France and Norway at the 2012 Olympics by the men's and women's teams respectively
Jacques —, Belgium-born songwriter and performer who died in 1978
Large European woodland butterfly, the female of which is patterned with dark brown and white markings
1970s US television series that starred David Janssen as a San Diego private investigator
Zulu word for a group of armed warriors or soldiers
Island state of Australia
10th-century BC king of Israel credited with great wisdom
Any of the 12 broad-faced grinding teeth in man
Michelle —, Scottish actress who plays Missy in BBC TV series Doctor Who
1980 film drama starring Gary Busey and Jodie Foster
Capital of Seine-Maritime department, France
Nocturnal Central and South American heron with a flattened beak
Hawaiian feast of food, drink and entertainment