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Capital of Bas-Rhin department, NE France
— Lake, largest in Alaska, US
2004 stage play by Kwame Kwei-Armah
See 20
God of mischief and destruction in Norse mythology
Monetary unit of Malaysia; one-hundredth of a ringgit
Dwight —, singer-actor who played Doc Miles in 2006 action film Crank
Constellation in the Northern sky containing the star Arcturus
Ornamental sphere surmounted by a cross; part of the Crown Jewels
Co-recipient with David Trimble of the 1998 Nobel Peace Prize
Rich —, winner of the 2002 PGA Championship
The —, 1978 novel by James Herbert
Sea god in Greek mythology with the gift of prophecy
The —, 2007 novel by Minette Walters
Genus of Asian shrubs with white flowers and red berries
Frost formed by the freezing of water droplets in fog onto solid objects
See 25 Across
1992 novel by John Harvey
Manuel —, president of the Philippines from 1946-48
The —, comedy act comprising Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt
Epiphytic plant that grows as long bluish-grey strands suspended from the branches of trees
Aromatic Mediterranean plant with small pale purple flowers
Character in Greek mythology who slew the Minotaur
City and capital of the state of Madhya Pradesh, India
Tree of temperate regions that bears small edible triangular nuts
Flightless bird of Mauritius that was hunted to extinction is 1662