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Annunzio Paolo —, Venice-born arranger-conductor popular in the post-war era in Britain
River that flows through Florence, Italy
Mikko —, Finnish driver; 2007 Wales Rally GB winner
Pat —, US actor who played Commissioner James Gordon in 1989 action film Batman
The —, 1999 crime film starring Terence Stamp as Wilson
1977 UK no 1 single by Kenny Rogers
River that flows through Cambridge to the River Ouse
Overseas region of France in the Indian Ocean; capital Saint-Denis
Stephen —, cyclist; 1987 Giro d'Italia winner
Burrowing rodent of the squirrel family such as the alpine — or hoary —
2008 novel by Toni Jordan
Joan —, Spanish painter whose works include 1967's The Gold of Azure
Type of US music with roots in British folk music
1973 P G Wodehouse novel whose characters include Ephraim Trout and Ivor Llewellyn
Name given to the cricket Test series between England and Australia
Silvery-white metallic element; symbol Tb
Any of a family of stringed instruments that preceded the violin family
Large Old World tree of the mahogany family whose bark is used to make a tonic
1929 Alfred Hitchcock film thriller starring Anny Ondra
2008 film thriller starring Hugh Jackman and Ewan McGregor
David —, South Africa-born playwright; artistic director of the Young Vic, London appointed in 2000
Jim —, 1991 French Open singles tennis championship winner
Marvin —, former Netherlands youth footballer who played in Britain for Swansea City, Middlesbrough and Blackburn Rovers
Billy —, singer-actor who played Cat in 1991 biopic The Doors
Large freshwater game and food fish of Europe, Asia and North America with long narrow jaws