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Emperor of Japan from 1867-1912 whose given name was Mutsuhito
2004 novel by Andrea Levy
1990 2,000 Guineas winner ridden by Mick Kinane
State capital of North Carolina, US
2011 film comedy starring Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis
Racing toboggan on which riders lie supine
See 4
State capital of Kansas, US
Rip —, Best Actor in a Supporting Role Oscar nominee for Cross Creek
John —, 1970 Commonwealth 400m hurdles gold medallist
Old Testament wife of Nabal and subsequently David
Sandstone formation in Northern Territory, Australia also known as Ayers Rock
See 2 Down
Edgar —, painter and sculptor whose works include 1877's Dancers Practicing at the Barre
Tasmania-born actor who played the title role in 1942 biopic Gentleman Jim
Very hot type of green chilli pepper used in Mexican cookery
John Stuart —, 19th-century London-born philosopher
1991 debut studio album by Blur
See 8
1984 novel by R D Wingfield
2008 comedy-drama film starring Mackenzie Crook and Colm Meaney
English comedian-actor whose television credits include Grownups and Upstart Crow
Alan —, 1974 Commonwealth long jump gold medallist
South American republic; capital Santiago
Rafael —, 1963 US National Singles tennis championship winner
Otto —, 1944 winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry