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Eric —, Yorkshire-born composer; amanuensis to Frederick Delius from 1928-34
Plant of the daisy family such as the yellow-flowered Common —
English conspirator who fabricated the Popish Plot of 1678
2007 film drama starring Anne-Marie Duff and Ralf Little
1880 semi-autobiographical political novel by Benjamin Disraeli
See 10
2002 novel by Wendy Holden
Town on the north bank of the River Tyne at the end of Hadrian's Wall
1990 action-comedy film starring Mel Gibson and Robert Downey Jr
1983 fantasy film starring Ken Marshall and Lysette Anthony
International Committee of the —, humanitarian organisation formally established following the Geneva Convention of 1864
See 8
See 16 Across
Adjective used to describe Champagne that is not sweet
2001 biopic starring Johnny Depp as George Jung
Son of Priam and Hecuba in Greek mythology who fatally wounded Achilles
Foreign Secretary from 1977-79; co-founder of the SDP
Any of various Australian eucalyptus trees with aromatic leaves such as the River —
1983 Salman Rushdie novel shortlisted for the Booker Prize
US actor whose roles include Benjamin Danz in 2005 action film Mr & Mrs Smith
Brine-cured Canadian cheese named after a place in Quebec
The —, 1950 adventure film starring Tyrone Power and Orson Welles
Small four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage named after a Paris hotel
US city in NE Texas on the Trinity River
Peter —, actor who played Chris Tate in ITV soap Emmerdale from 1989-2003
See 15
1987 film drama consisting of 10 segments with different directors, each featuring a selection from an opera

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