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2006 novel by Ruth Rendell
Small port and resort in Argyll and Bute, W Scotland
Stavros —, Greek shipping tycoon who died in 1996
See 3
— Peninsula, area of land in E Canada between the St Lawrence River and Chaleur Bay
Stephen —, author of novels Takedown and Hot Blood
Edgar Allan —, US short-story writer who died in 1849
Large feline mammal of African and Asian forests
Peter —, 2013 winner, with Francois Englert, of the Nobel Prize in Physics
Burmese diplomat; third Secretary-General of the United Nations, from 1961-71
2008 winner of The Oaks ridden by Seb Sanders
Gaming stake put up before the deal in poker
Species of Dianthus also called clove pink
2008 action film starring Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson
Coastal city in SE Texas, US famously struck by a hurricane in 1900
Yuzuru —, 2014 Winter Olympics men's singles figure skating gold medallist
Asian woody grass of the bamboo subfamily whose stems are used for canes and umbrella handles
Society set up in Poperinge, Belgium, during WWI to encourage Christian comradeship
Marcelo —, 1998 Australian Open singles tennis championship runner-up
1983 children’s novel by Anne Fine
Australian shrub with a flowering spike also known as blackboy
City in Israel housing Ben Gurion International Airport
See 11
Maria —, winner of the 1959 US National Singles tennis championship
1950s political movement in Cyprus led by Georgeios Grivas
2008 biopic starring Sophie Okonedo as Sandra Laing