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Small settlement on Thurso Bay, Caithness, NE Scotland, associated with the fishing industry
1957 novel by John Braine
See 14
Regent of the Sun in John Milton poem Paradise Lost
1959 comedy film starring Terry-Thomas and George Cole
In golf, the flagpole marking the hole on a green
Ralph Waldo —, US poet who authored 1836 essay Nature
Supreme god in Germanic mythology
Jonathan —, Dublin-born Conservative MP for South Thanet from 1983-97
Charlotte —, actress; sister of author John le Carre
Idris —, London-born actor who plays the title role in BBC TV series Luther
Inflammation of the liver caused by a virus or toxin
2008 novel by Karin Slaughter
Group of limestone mountains in NE Italy whose highest peak is Marmolada
Lorraine —, actress who played Steph Stokes in ITV soap Emmerdale between 2002-06
Hunter in Greek mythology turned into a stag after accidentally seeing Artemis bathing
Hard fat around the kidneys of cattle and sheep used in cooking
One of a number of small creatures who live on the moon of Endor in the Star Wars film series
Hugh —, leader of the Labour Party from 1955-63
Best Actor in a Leading Role Oscar nominee for Love Story
Metallic element; symbol Sn
Ancient city in Italy buried by an eruption of Vesuvius
Spicy Indian dish served in a wok-like pot
Michael —, Secretary of State for Education from 2010-14
Member of a South American Indian people whose empire centred on Peru