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1904 stage play by Anton Chekhov
City in Nevada, US, noted as a gambling and divorce centre
2008 novel by Peter James
Susan —, London-born actress whose films include Straw Dogs and Mandingo
French city; capital of the former duchy of Burgundy
Type of mechanical musical instrument also called a player piano
Sound made by a pigeon
See 3
2013 and 2014 Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe winner ridden by Thierry Jarnet
— acid, colourless substance found in sour milk used in preservative E270
See 6 Down
Ancient city of Sumer whose rulers included the legendary Gilgamesh
See 9
1947 Broadway musical by Lerner and Loewe named after a mysterious Scottish village
1993 novel by Val McDermid
Andy —, rugby union lock; 1977 New Zealand Test debutant against British & Irish Lions
Brother of Isabella in William Shakespeare play Measure for Measure
Author of novels Frog Music, Room and Hood
Mary —, 1966 Commonwealth long jump gold medallist
1970 novel by Erich Segal
2004 crime drama film starring Daniel Craig and Colm Meaney
Collective noun for a small group of seals or whales
Piece of needlework made by looping and intertwining thread with a hooked needle
Wayne —, Plymouth-born dancer who joined the Royal Ballet Company in 1966
2013 novel by William Boyd
Michael —, leader of the Labour Party from 1980-83