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Mediterranean island; capital Valletta
State capital of Hawaii, US
The —, 1997 horror film starring Penelope Ann Miller and Tom Sizemore
BBC Radio soap opera set in Ambridge that began in 1950
Dave —, 1970 and 1976 PGA Championship winner
Front part of the lower leg
Island in the English Channel whose two main parts are linked by the isthmus La Coupee
Gordon —, British flat racing Champion Jockey a record 26 times
The —, 1960 film drama starring Deborah Kerr and Robert Mitchum
Fine net fabric of silk or rayon used as a trimming for hats
Character played by Jacques Tati in films Playtime, Mon Oncle and Trafic
A R —, Australia Test cricketer who hit 182 against England at Headingley in 1948
Blyth —, 1996 Olympic Individual Eventing gold medallist
Ninth letter of the Greek alphabet
Martin —, 2011 Turner Prize-winning artist
2008 action-comedy film starring Drake Bell and Sara Paxton
Jennifer —, Best Actress in a Supporting Role Oscar winner for Dreamgirls
2001 novel by Chuck Palahniuk
Term for a musical instrument such as a recorder or saxophone with the highest pitch of all those in its family
Chris —, Wasps rugby union wing who scored a hat-trick for England against Ireland in the 1988 Five Nations Championship
Nigel —, English chess grandmaster born in 1965
US children's television show whose characters include Big Bird and Cookie Monster
See 5
Naming word such as a common — or proper —
Member of a West African people living chiefly in Guinea and Sierra Leone