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Pirate friend to Pompey in William Shakespeare play Antony and Cleopatra
Siren in German legend said to lure boatmen to destruction from her rock at the edge of the Rhine
Robert —, actor who played the title role in US television series Gavilan, The Lazarus Man and Spenser: For Hire
See 25
Venerable —, English monk and saint who died in 735 AD
Tree with winged seeds whose wood is used for tool handles
Desert in North Africa
Any of the first four books of the New Testament
Taro —, prime minister of Japan from 2008-09
Dark long-necked bird similar to the cormorant
Anthony —, actor who played DAC Robert Strickland in BBC TV series New Tricks
City in Tamil Nadu, India on the bank of the River Cauvery
Low-altitude communications satellite launched by the US in 1962
The —, 2011 novel by Ian Rankin
Johnny —, jockey who rode Sinndar to victory in the 2000 Derby
Longest river in Africa
Long-bladed hand tool used to cut or shape wood, stone or metal
2008 novel by Reginald Hill
Genus of shrubs that includes the heaths and some heathers
See 4
1996 novel by Peter Straub
Father of Miranda in William Shakespeare play The Tempest
Currency of French Indochina between 1885 and 1952
Richard —, comedy actor who played Charles Brown in BBC TV sitcom Sykes
Melvin —, comedian and television presenter; 2016 Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special winner with Janette Manrara
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